Pool pass for community pool

A Pool Pass System For Your Community Swimming Pool

A swimming pool pass system for Apartment Complexes and Home Owner Associations.

No credit card needed!
Pool pass for community pool

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Watch Pool Entry Basics

Learn the PoolEntry concept.

Watch Residents and Passes Overview

Learn about the Residents & Pool Pass section in the PoolEntry portal.

What's new at PoolEntry?

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Optional Picture ID

PoolEntry is fully customizable now. Now you have an option to setup a pool pass with a required Picture ID. A resident will be required to take a picture for their pass via the mobile app. Or you can disable this option for a bigger privacy for your residents.

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Upload your pool rules in PDF

Now you can upload your pool rules in the PDF format. All residents will need to agree to the pool rules prior activating their passes in the mobile app.

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Pool Pass Payment Processing

Processing payments from residents just became much easier. You can keep track of payments in PoolEntry and you can activate each pass after you receive the payment from the residents. Now you also have an option to allow residents to pay for a seasonal pool passes or daily guest passes with a credit card via the mobile app.

Two methods to check in for your residents.

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Lifeguard assisted check-in.

A lifeguard assisted check-in is great if you need better control over the pool access. The lifeguard will need to be equipped with a mobile phone or iPad. Upon arrival at the pool, each resident will provide a 4-digit pool pass code generated via the mobile app to the lifeguard. Lifeguard will type in the 4-digit code in their device to ensure that the resident has a valid pass and will check the resident in.

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Resident self-check in.

A Self-Check In method is easy and it is great solution for gated communities or high-rise building. The lifeguard doesn't need to be equipped with a mobile device. When a resident arrives at the pool, they open the mobile app and checks in by themselves. Tehn they show the screen of their phone to the lifeguard as a proof of the valid pool pass.

Learn how PoolEntry works at your apartment complex or Home Owner Associations.

1. Set up a new community. Provide details about your community pool passes.

Provide information about seasonal passes and guest passes.

Create new community

2. Upload the pool rules. Upload the pool rules and liability waivers.

Upload a copy of your community pool rules in a PDF along with any liability forms that you may need your residents to sign. Residents will have to accept the pool rules and liability waiver before activating their pool passes.

Upload pool rules

3. Import residents. Import your resident list from your spreadsheet.

Import your residents from Excel or a Google Spreadsheet.

Import your residents

4. Or allow residents to apply for pool passes. An Online pool pass application for your residents.

Share a link for the online pool pass application with your residents. After your residents submit their applications, you can approve and import each application with the click of a button.

Online pool pass application

5. Go Live with your community. Pool passes will become available to your residents.

Once you go live, our system will email instructions to each resident on how to download pool passes onto their mobile phone.

Make pool passes available to your residents

6. The mobile app for residents. Residents download the PoolEntry app.

Your residents can download the PoolEntry App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Mobile app for pool pass

7. Residents look up their passes. Residents enter their phone number and last name.

Residents are able to look up their pool pass by their phone number and last name. They will be able to upload their photo (optional) and activate their pool pass.

Look up your pool pass

8. Residents agree to the pool rules and activate their pool passes. Residents are able to review pool rules on their phone.

Residents will need to agree to the pool rules and any other forms (such as Covid-19 Waivers) that you uploaded during the community set up before they can activate their pool passes.

Agreeto  pool rules

9. Residents check in. Two methods are available to check in.

When the resident arrives at the pool they use their mobile phone to check in at the pool.

Check in with a pool pass on your mobile phone